ADVANCED PROGRAM - WEEK 5 (7–11/08/2023)

Pilates with Chloe Chignell
The class focuses on gaining greater articulation of the body through building specificity and clarity. We will build strength and find release as we work through particular muscle groups and joints with targeted exercises. We will work towards increasing our range of movement by physically understanding the shape of our joints. We focus on the initiation of movement through deeper muscle engagement. The class seeks to give participants a better understanding of their own biomechanics through physical sensation.
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Repertoire workshop 'Drumming' with Clinton Stringer
Drumming is based on the music of the minimalist composer Steve Reich. The piece is a complex formal construction using a single basic phrase which is transformed in many ways. In the workshop, I will teach the phrase material and we will explore some of the principles which were used to construct it. The students will then make their own transformations of the phrase following the ideas used during the creation. In this way, we will work with retrograde, phase shifts and partnering all starting from the same basic phrase but resulting in new and varied transformations.

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Contemporary technique class with Thomas Vantuycom
This class aims to develop a greedy body; a body that’s both voluminous and compact. For this, we’ll explore how different levels of tonicity in the body can act as a complement to the paradigm of release of tension. Through short movement sequences and improvisations, we’ll cultivate our ability to be both playful and deliberate. Now and then, we’ll turn up the dial and practise moving with speed and with ‘punch’. All throughout the week, we’ll work on a longer, somewhat quirky movement sequence that fosters a groovy body and leaves space for one’s own embodiment.

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