ELEMENTARY PROGRAM - WEEK 5 (07–11/08/2023)

Mindfulness with Michael Helland
Moving Through It: Michael Helland offers a week of mindfulness practices to help us arrive more fully into the here and now, anchoring through our unfolding sensations, drawing nourishment and resilience from our breath, and opening more fully towards presence and vitality. As we discover pockets of stillness and silence within the sanctuary of our bodies and minds, we will become more aware of what moves us, as we endeavor to fly free and find ease in the dance of life.
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Contemporary technique class with Anneleen Keppens
Technique class: Poetic Embodiment
In this class, we combine anatomical input with physical research in order to enhance our alignment and range of motion. Guided improvisations based on poetic imagery and embodiment techniques allow us to trust our body as a rich source from which a variety of physicalities can manifest. We find tools to tap into the range of sensations, movement patterns and expressions that are available to us. The class invites us to start the day by tuning into our body as it is, and to nourish it so it feels supported throughout the day.

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Repertoire workshop 'Rosas danst Rosas' with Sue-Yeon Youn
The workshop of Rosas Danst Rosas will teach you the phrase material and the structure of 1st and 2nd movement where repetition plays the lead role.
Dancing with four people in a complex structure and to be in perfect unison are the challenges. Learning how to listen and breath together and how to feel each others energy.
The actual material lies in the heart of the movement work of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. Experience the contrast of rigid structure and full emotion that will give the intensity to the movements. How to let go and be in control at the same time.
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