INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM 1 - WEEK 1 (10-14/07/2023)

Mindfulness with Michael Helland
Moving Through It: Michael Helland offers a week of mindfulness practices to help us arrive more fully into the here and now, anchoring through our unfolding sensations, drawing nourishment and resilience from our breath, and opening more fully towards presence and vitality. As we discover pockets of stillness and silence within the sanctuary of our bodies and minds, we will become more aware of what moves us, as we endeavor to fly free and find ease in the dance of life.
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Classical technique class with Laura Bachman
The class follows the classical structure of a ballet lesson starting with a Barre to move towards the middle, warming up all parts of the body before moving through space, turning and jumping.
The class focuses on a few main themes which can be used in any type of dances, connecting ballet with all genres instead of creating distance. We work on musicality, playing with rhythms and how to use music to support the movements; on coordination and how to connect the different parts of the body; on oppositions and the spirales we draw in our bodies to create organic motion. We slowly build up to connect those different points as we start expending the movements through space.

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Movement research workshop with Femke Gyselinck
The workshop is an invitation to share the movement research I have been exercising by experimenting with the balance between illustration and abstraction, detailed movement and careless movement and to reinvent a form of moving in a lyrical way. The way we will exercise this is by relating movements closely to text and music in combination with a focus on a generous performativity. The workshop will be divided between a first part where we practice moving and a second part where we will work on a short choreography.
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