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PARTS@work #5: Sunday 10/3 15h

In the next PARTS@work, students present their own creations, with works by Joshua Serafin, Hanako Hayakawa & Rafael dos Santos, and Tessa Hall.

I.B 99085 by Joshua Serafin and Rita Alves

What is the future body?
What is the Ideal Identity?
What is left of us when we strip off all of our humanity?
Where is this capitalist machine leading us towards to?

Choreography by Josh Serafin in collaboration with Rita Alves
Artistic Direction and Movement Coach: Rasa Alksnyte
Sound Composer: Marc Appart

by Rafael dos Santos and Hanako Hayakawa

A game of leading and following in short-format scenes limited to 5 seconds becomes an interchange of nonsense language. Two individual bodies connected by the vibration of their search for a way to communicate. This vibration leaks from their bodies and creates a hybrid body phenomenon, pulling them closer together in relationship and breaking subjectivity.

Created and performed by Rafael dos Santos and Hanako Hayakawa
Special thanks to Andros Zins-Browne and Femke Gyselink.
Thank you for your support Tessa Hall, Jean-Baptiste Portier, Georges Labbat, Julia Rubies Subiros, Lydia McGlinchey, Keren Kraizer, Luis Ramirez Muñoz, Mariana Miranda and Mooni Van Tichel.

H _ _ story
by Tessa Hall
A Women's History project. A documentary performance.

I've been researching the relationship between the documentation of women in historiography and the documentation of choreography. It began in the 1st year at PARTS with a solo based on "The Dinner Party", an installation artwork made by Judy Chicago in the 1970s, that represents 39 women forgotten about in history. Now the project has moved towards a more specific focus on the ideologies and practices of Women's History.
Why do we make somethings visible and others invisible? What makes it to the stage or the books and what goes in the trash? What do we choose to remember and what is forgotten? Who do we highlight and who do we keep in the shadows? What do we consider necessary or unnecessary to work with? What do I value, what do I de-value, what could I re-value?

Creation and performance: Tessa Hall

Sunday 10/3, 15h, PARTS studios
Free entrance, no reservation!