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PARTS@WORK is an informal showing open to the public, and consists of personal work of the students, work in progress and results of workshops.

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PARTS@WORK#3, Thursday February 8 - Friday February 9 2024:
Showing of the results of the 5-week theatre workshops followed by the 39 BA Training students.
Under the guidance of Kuno Bakker, Jolente De Keersmaeker & Sarah Haeck, Mokhallad Rasem, Janneke Remmers & Nele Vereecken.

Four groups of students worked with six different theatre makers to create a performance based on the "Ancient Greeks.
What do the classical tragedies, the ancient mythical stories tell us today about violence, about the image of women, about heroism, about faith, about our relationship with nature?
Work was done around such figures as Medea, Cassandra, Tiresias, Poseidon and with texts by Euripides, Kae Tempest, Dennis Kelly and the students themselves, among others.
The result reflects four collective quests, with original, personal, moving and often humorous perspectives.

Each evening you will see 2 groups.
Each group piece is between 45 minutes and 1 hour

Theatre workshop ©Tine Declerck
Theatre workshop ©Tine Declerck

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 8 - 19:00 (⧖ approx. 2,5 hrs incl. 30' break)
Showing #1 (group under guidance of Mokhallad Rasem)
With Anastasia Antoniadi, Anna Fedoronchuk, Annabel Van Acker, Chiheb Slaoui, India Pornon, Irene Rojo, Marika Suzuki, Mimbi Lubansu, Pavlos Orfeas Argyropoulos, Thaïmee Samut
Showing #1 (group under guidance of Kuno Bakker)
With Adèle Chaput, Ekaterina Varfolomeeva, Elsa Goldstein, Jessi Zhang, Laura Murariu, Marija Ivaškevičiūtė, Mashiro Tamura, Rünno Tammela, Salim Mabrouk, Samuele Baschieri

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9 - 19:00 (⧖ approx. 2,5 hrs incl. 30' break)

Showing #2 (group under guidance of Janneke Remmers & Nele Vereecken)
With Beatrice Zaveckaite, Beau De Lathouwer, Elena María Olías García, Guilherme Carvalho, Kim Ramiandrisoa, Letícia Oliveira Ferreira, Nicolas Dang, Patric Eduardo Da Cunha, Silke Hamers
Showing #2 (group under guidance of Jolente De Keersmaeker & Sarah Haeck)

With Alba Díaz Muñoz, Alice Bröker, Guillem Salmerón, Jacob Bousset, Kiu Yan Cheng, Martha MacMillan, Momiji Kuromaru, Rozálie Stárová, Solène Ezin, Takudzwa James Felo

PARTS@WORK#2: TUE-WED-THUR 12-13-14 DECEMBER, 2023 - 20h
Showing of Trisha Brown’s Set and Reset/Reset, re-created and interpreted by the 40 Training students.


During a four-week intensive workshop, the students of the 2nd year Bachelor Training program worked with Diane Madden, Kathleen Fisher and Samuel Wentz on ‘Set and Reset/Reset', based on a choreography of Trisha Brown that premièred in 1983 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (New York) which went on to transform dance history.
Training Tutor and teacher Diane Madden was part of the original cast in 1983.

In the TBDC repertory workshop, the dancers learn original movement sequences from Set and Reset and improvise with the material, guided by the same compositional rules devised by Brown and the dancers. Working closely with one another and informed by skills practiced in technique courses, the dancers shape ensemble improvisations into choreography, generating a unique Set and Reset/Reset. Here, as with Brown’s Company, the dancers are an integral part of both the creative process and the end result.

The seductively fluid quality of the movement in this Trisha Brown masterpiece, juxtaposed with the unpredictable geometric style has become the hallmark of Ms. Brown’s work. Performed to a driving score by Laurie Anderson, the exploration of visibility and invisibility is reflected in the translucent costumes and set by Robert Rauschenberg”(© Trisha Brown Dance Company)

Each evening you will see four different versions of Set and Reset/Reset, from 4 casts of 6-7 students per version. In order to see all the students at work, you can combine any two of the evenings.


Original choreography/ Trisha Brown
Performance/ BA Training students
Adèle Chaput (FR), Alba Díaz Muñoz (ES), Alice Bröker (FR), Anastasia Antoniadi (GR), Anna Fedoronchuk (UA), Annabel Van Acker (BE), Beatrice Zaveckaite (LT), Beau De Lathouwer (BE), Chiheb Slaoui (TN), Ekaterina Varfolomeeva (RU), Elena María Olías García (ES), Elsa Goldstein (BE), Guilherme Carvalho (PT), Guillem Salmerón (ES), India Pornon (FR), Irene Rojo (ES), Jacob Bousset (BE), Jessi Zhang (IT), Kim Ramiandrisoa (FR), Kiu Yan Cheng (HK), Laura Murariu (RO), Letícia Oliveira Ferreira (BR), Marija Ivaškevičiūtė (LT), Marika Suzuki (JP), Martha MacMillan (UK), Mashiro Tamura (JP), Mimbi Lubansu (BE), Momiji Kuromaru (JP), Nicolas Dang (FR), Patric Eduardo Da Cunha (BR), Pavlos orfeas Argyropoulos (GR), Rozálie Stárová (CZ), Rünno Tammela (EE), Salim Mabrouk (TN), Samuele Baschieri (IT), Silke Hamers (BE), Solène Ezin (FR), Takudzwa James Felo (ZW), Thaïmee Samut (FR), Saga Ivéus Wenglert (NO)
Coordination transmission/ Diane Madden
Transmission/ Kathleen Fisher, Diane Madden, Sam Wentz
Production management/ Steven Peeters
Lighting design/ Quentin Maes, Thibault Rottiers
In collaboration with/ The Trisha Brown Dance Company

Diane, Kathleen and Sam would like to extend their appreciation to P.A.R.T.S. for being a home of the living, embodied lineage of Brown’s work in young dance artists.

Also much thanks to the P.A.R.T.S. staff whose support and dedication have made this production possible.

Thank you to the Trisha Brown Dance Company for their ongoing efforts bringing Trisha’s work into the present.

Thank you to Stephen Petronio (original cast Set and Reset) for generously sharing his experience and artistry with the students.

A special thank you to the incredible dancers whose passion and hard work have elevated this project.

Trisha Brown Set & reset/reset ©Tine Declerck
Trisha Brown Set & reset/reset ©Tine Declerck

PARTS@WORK#1: Sunday November 12, 2023, 3pm:
Showing of personal work of the 2nd year Bachelor Training students

F R E E entry – everybody welcome - no reservation is needed
Doors open at 2:30pm - showing starts at 3 pm - end foreseen around 5:30pm (break included)
Location: PARTS - Avenue Van Volxem 164, 1190 Forest